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With a growing contingent labor market and a steep increase in spend over the past several years, Cavalier Staffing Solutions works with clients to identify and realize savings.  The key elements central to the value of the staffing services are : client-centric and consultative relationships.  The key is to create supplier partnerships that are strong, fair, profitable, engaging, competitive, and most importantly, deliver quality workers.


Global operations can easily expose a company to additional risks when engaging, on-boarding and off-boarding contingent labor.  Cavalier Staffing methodology uses technology which enables to know who is working where.  Also the insight into spend trends, buying habits, cost impacts, anomalies and classification.  In addition, our world class practices provides consistency in on-boarding and off-boarding candidates as well.


From improving cost savings to better quality talent, Cavalier Staffing Solutions works with clients to define objectives, and better end-to-end workforce management.  The key is to create dependable supplier partnerships which is strong, fair, profitable, engaging, competitive, and most importantly, deliver quality workers.

Out Of Box

Our sourcing model of higher-skilled, professional/technical positions is more likely to benefit to increase the responsiveness and access, while less technical and easier-to-fill positions are more likely to leverage a sole-sourcing model.  Cavalier Staffing services brings any and all of these models—a hybrid model approach—under a single strategically managed workforce program.   This is a key factor why many companies have adopted Cavalier staffing services as part of their long-term workforce partner.


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Serviced Clients


Global Delivery Center


Cavalier’s industry experience and expertise uniquely qualifies us to support integrations, upgrade, migrations.  Cavalier Staffing uses its implementation knowledge and leverage deep experience in facilitating integrations to ensure all integration requirements are identified and met. Integrations, when properly performed, provide tremendous gains in efficiency.  Poorly performed, integrations can cripple a program and can easily wipe out any savings the program would otherwise provide. It is critical that integrations are properly performed – and that the right experts are overseeing the integration initiatives.  It’s where Cavalier makes the difference !


Cavalier recognizes the importance of using Technology to automate the staffing services. Cavalier follows it’s own process and practice in delivering staffing solution, and terrific service for many of our clients.  However, we take a technology agnostic approach to all engagements – ensuring that the recommendations we provide to clients lead them to the selection of the best technology to meet their requirements and expectations.

One Stop Solution

Our business model offers Staffing Solutions as a cost center but not as a profit center.  This is the model followed by many large staffing firms.  Our staffing services are designed for reduction in total expenditures as opposed to more typical staffing service which only supports an opportunity and gives scope to more number of opportunities.   Our approach gathers basic data to determine program size and scope.  Cavalier provides a comprehensive study which includes the process followed, the creation of updated job descriptions, rate card and administration of a supplier process.

Flexible Delivery

Our resources are critical to the completion of critical projects at various client locations and need to be retained – which dictates the need for contract and administrative management until their contracts expire. Cavalier recognizes these projects and provides SME contractors whose services may be required on an as-needed basis. These consultants can be transitioned temporarily from contractual engagement to a payroll at a reduced rate from the current mark-up.


Based on our national presence and extensive network of project personnel, Cavalier has the ability to support your centralized projects in almost any US market or deployments across US and Canada.  In addition, Cavalier can scale as needed by relying on regional support at various locations.  Cavalier centralized back office group facilitates, and manages all Staffing needs, both IT and Non-IT, invoicing and vendor payment processes while providing the client and vendors with a central point of contact for time and expense reporting, invoice and payment generation and reconciliation, issue resolution.


Cavalier offers a Managed Payroll Service.  Through the Managed Payroll Service, Cavalier acts as the Employer or Agency of Record for your contractors. Cavalier manages the administrative services on your behalf, including timesheet processing, payroll and invoicing services, and year-end W-2 documentation.