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Cavalier IT has strategically focused on a number of key industries through its long history of Staffing.  Cavalier IT has focused only on Staffing for over a decade and built a network with good mix of technology and industry.  Cavalier IT provides consultants who know the details of implementation and also know the peculiarities of industry. In addition, Cavalier IT brings a collection of industry proven extensions and solutions that have been useful to many other companies over the years.

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image026The Information Technology industry continues to both transform and dictate our world! From the introduction of cloud computing to Big Data and ever changing mobile applications to social media Analytics; change in the IT arena comes swiftly and mandates that everyone adapts in a timely fashion. In IT recruiting, conceivably more than in any other industry, timing is everything. Our recruiters understand how quickly the parameters can change in IT, and we effectively and efficiently drive sourcing strategies thereby ensuring our clients are engaged whether it is their Contingent Staffing need or an internal Project requirement.

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Financial: Our team is comprised of specialized consultants with deep industry knowledge and expertise. Our total experience, industry contacts, and innovative sourcing practices allow us to offer our clients a tailored approach to meet specific recruitment needs. We believe that a successful recruitment practice should be based on long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. Our team specializes in staffing all levels from Analysts to C-Level positions.

Insurance: Over the last few years with major changes within the insurance industry and increasimage083ing regulatory demands, IT and Compliance needs have expanded considerably in the insurance industry. Whether developing IT systems or warranting compliance with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or executing systems amalgamation as a result of mergers, Cavalier IT has the expertise and experience to serve the needs of insurance companies.

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image086Over time Manufacturing has changed with more and more companies off-shoring production, whatever has remained within the United States needs to be competitive and cost effective. Our manufacturing recruiters recognize the challenges and have expanded their supply chains from a regional to a national platform. To achieve this requires sourcing and maintaining manufacturing talent – from engineering interns to C-Level Management. Manufacturing recruitment has never been more imperative, and the talent marketplace is both global and competitive in scope. Cavalier IT’s executive recruiters work with awareness and promptness to help you hire the talent you need. We work closely with you to help you solve current hiring needs and achieve long-term goals.

image033The entire Communications & Media industry is feeling the pinch of higher customer acquisition and retention costs, higher operating costs, erosion of Average Revenue Per User, increasing traditional and non-traditional competition, and an ever-expanding list of regulatory requirements. While your team knows telecom, Cavalier IT’s Consultant knows Operations Support Systems/Business Support Systems, Mobility, and Core Telecom technologies that can help transform your current application environment to grow and expand network efficiency.

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image090New competitive pressures, supply chain inefficiencies, unpredictable margins these are a few challenges faced by energy & utility companies today. In some cases, governments are restricting access to reserves. Energy companies are also diversifying their product mix, as non-traditional fuel sources become more price competitive, and alternative fuels are gaining interest. New investment in LNG, oil sands, oil shale, ethanol and other sources and products are showing rapid growth.

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Public sector 1At Cavalier IT, our mission is to provide technologies that enable our government, leaders, our fellow citizens, and our country. The challenges of a year-to-year budget environment while maintaining a pace of innovation commensurate with the mission requires nimble, best of breed solutions for your IT and personnel environment.

We provide IT solutions as well as consulting and professional services to the civilian, defense, homeland security, and intelligence communities. We are dedicated to delivering what we promise. We apply our experience to support your mission. We know what is at stake.

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HealthcareOver the past decade, pharmaceutical companies have had to navigate a challenging and rapidly changing environment, in which stakeholders such as shareholders, physicians, patients, payers and regulators are creating significant pressures for change. Despite steady demand for its products, the industry’s current business model is both economically unsustainable and operationally unsuited to the kind of quick action necessary to produce treatments demanded by global societies. Cavalier IT believes that the industry needs a bold new vision and leaders who have the willingness to embrace a fundamentally new approach to their business.

lifescienceCavalier IT plays a vital role in aiding health care companies respond to the multiple and increasing demands in the Healthcare industry. The demand for healthcare professionals will continue to accelerate and clients look to a reliable partnership with Cavalier IT to deliver the most qualified physicians, nurses, and health professionals.

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