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Contingent Workforce Solutions

Need access to talent now, but unsure? The use of contingent talent is on the rise to remain competitive.  A flexible contingent workforce solution also allows your firm to respond to fluctuations in the economy and changes in industry trends.  Leveraging a flexible benefits of a contingent workforce solution can enhance the performance of your overall workforce while reducing your company’s cost.

Cavalier IT streamlines the sourcing, management and on-boarding/off-boarding of Temps, Contractors, Consultants and other project-based talent, saving you time and money, maximizing process efficiency and minimizing risks for your organization.

We offer vendor neutral managed service programs where we select and manage your contingent labor providers to models where we also directly source contingent labor on your behalf.

Cavalier’s Contingent Workforce Solutions Benefits are:

  • Respond quickly to change
  • Lowered cost & shared risk
  • Be more competitive
  • Measurable results
  • System-wide savings
  • Centralization
  • Knowledge-Driven Expertise