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Staffing Solutions

Today success of an engineering organization is dependent on a dependable workforce partner, whose reliability and technical proficiency ensures optimum performance from its resources.

Cavalier IT specializes in providing workforce solutions to the engineering sector by providing contract engineers. Our foundation for recruitment success is based on importance of reliable qualified talent. With over a decade of experience we address various workforce challenges of the engineering sector, across an array of categories.

Cavalier IT is committed to delivering performance through the most efficient solutions available for your engineering requirements—whether in temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire or statement of work. Our recruitment approach is a combination of time-honored best practices keeping in par with today’s connected and global workforce.

Cavalier IT has been providing Professional IT staffing to its clientele for well over 10 years. Over time IT has evolved, increasing the need for positions that design and build pioneering business solutions.

Our IT staffing solutions is based on time-honored best practices and inventive engagement with today’s connected workforce. We place thousands of contractors every year across all disciplines of IT nationwide.Information technology is an essential part of any business today’s; helping our clients maintaining a fully functional IT organization and thereby increasing the productivity has been our success story. Our motto stands at “You focus on what you know best your business; while Cavalier focuses on what we know best attracting and managing Talent”

With an in-house database of millions of IT Professionals and access to niche IT suppliers; Cavalier IT delivers superior IT staffing solutions.

Cavalier IT has been providing stand-out workforce solutions and skillful Administrative & Clerical professionals to small, mid-sized and large organizations across the U.S. As a staffing partner our modus operandi is to put top talent to work for your organization.

The focus is on tailoring our offerings to meet your requirements and provide you with professionals to cover high workloads, projects that require SMEs or staff PTOs. Our talent acquisition team will source and deliver the best administrative and clerical resources in your area utilizing our robust selection system and reliable methodology.

Cavalier IT staffs specialized office personnel to surge your businesses productivity and keep your operations running effectively and efficiently. Our network of regional offices ensures our success of delivering local skilled talent to you organization.

Cavalier IT knows that the modern manufacturing and logistics workplace has progressed, using innovative technology, new age processes, and ground breaking delivery models to drive productivity. These trends are rousing demand for ahighly skilled workforce.

Cavalier IT has identified with its clients that the newest manufacturing operations indulge a more skilled workforce to thrive in today competitive world. The Workforce must be skilled in the newest and latest manufacturing practices and systems to keep pace with demands for innovations, pricing and superiority.

As a Staffing Solutions partner to many Manufacturing/Logistics organizations, Cavalier thoroughly understand and knows that a successful workforce solutions is vital to gaining and retaining skilled Talent. At Cavalier IT, we engage manufacturing and logistics professionals across various verticals:

– Automotive
– Chemical
– Consumer Goods
– Industrial Products
– Electronics
– Oil & Gas

Accounting& Finance are a fundamental function of all businesses and require specialized talent to keep a key eye on an organization top & bottom line. Today’s focus is on a blend of highly skilled professionals who are subject matter experts coupled with a mix of new age Technology& Tools to yield the best performance.

Cavalier IT delivers proven results for all corporate accounting and finance departments in various industry verticals. We offer a range of leading workforce solutions globally, which will help in managing your accounting and finance workers efficiently and cost-effectively. Cavalier IT can identify and provide the right solution to fit your unique and changing business needs be it temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire or Project based work.

Scientific and Clinical companies effectively are scouting a winning formula to manage and retain their workforce. Cavalier IT can deliver and manage quality professionals with indepth subject matter expertise and aptitude which is needed in the competitive world of science.

Cavalier IT has kept pace with providing a robust workforce solutions for our Scientific and Clinical clientele based on scientific advancements and the complexity of new projects and products. Ranging from temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire or Project based work; we have demonstrated services that incorporate hard-to-find, high-caliber talent. We understand that any company’s success is the product of an outstanding scientific/clinical workforce; hence companies employ Cavalier ITs scientific recruitment approach with a mix of age-old best practices and inventive engagement keeping in par with today’s connected and global workforce.

Cavalier IT has been instrumental in providing skilled Professional workers in the Marketing space. We source and hire thousands of new talented resources each year from new graduates to skilled Professionals to support our client’s initiatives.

We are set apart by our unique approach to delivering a competitive edge to our clients through a network of regional offices with the reach to efficiently deploy local resources. Our approach features an in-house team to identify your Marketing & Creative needs; these are serviced by a team of Recruitment professionals on a timely basis to ensure seamless project delivery.

Bottom-line is with over a decade of experience in staffing skilled Marketing resources in a variety of creative roles over various industry verticals, we have the networks you require to great pools of talent.

With the ever increasing demand for contingent healthcare staffing, Cavalier IT offers qualified physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals. Our services ensure that you have experienced professionals delivered in a timely manner. The focus is on quality and high productivity within our healthcare workforce staffing solutions for our clients with an eye on today’s competitive healthcare marketplace.

We support healthcare organizations as they embark on complex initiatives that involve clinical, business and IT capabilities. With insight into what works and access to skilled talent that healthcare requires, we help you resolve problems and accomplish corporate with a competitive edge and more cost effectively.

Cavalier IT stands out as a leading provider of workforce solutions. Given our past success; our goal is to bring value to all Healthcare clients and progressively develop a strategic partnership.

Call Center Agents (CCA) and Customer Service Representatives (CSR) are your first faces interacting with your valued customers. Cavalier understand that these professional need to be equipped with good communication, be service oriented, have strong Product knowledge and professional problem-solving skills to ensure smooth business and productivity.

Cavalier IT provides Call Center staffing Solutions with a reputation for delivering with excellence. Our recruitment experts have the experience needed to identify top customer service talent for your organization. We have a variety of solutions to meet your call center hiring needs which range from temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire. We can provide services around any of these models. We work hard to ensure that you have the people you need to make your call center operations successful.

At Cavalier IT, we feature staffing the following centers:

– HelpDesk Center
– Inbound Call Center
– Outbound Call Center

Cavalier partners with clients in their strategic and innovative solutions by combining vertical business-process knowledge, product insight and technology skills. Our services enable value addition to businesses and provide competitive edge in responding to dynamic business environments. We help our clients to maximize their business performance through seamless integration of strategic change, process improvements.

Cavalier Professional Services with its unique offerings developed over 10 years of industry experience is uniquely positioned to provide you scalable staffing solutions tuned to the specific needs of your organization.

When it comes to locating and recruiting top-notch talent, there’s no better partner than Cavalier IT.  As a pure Staffing company, we bring an insider’s perspective to the selection process. And our four-part proprietary placement protocol, explained in the recruitment methodology, is designed to offer a perfect match to your specific requirement.

  • Contract Staffing
  • Permanent Staffing Services
  • Project Staffing Services
  • On -Site Recruitment
  • Off -Site Recruitment

Whether it’s creating innovative and flexible vendor management programs that simplify contract IT staffing and help control costs, or developing efficient, effective solutions for IT initiatives through project outsourcing, or providing offshore application development services that save both time and money, Cavalier is there.

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